Green Aware

Never Touch Electrical truly believes in working with the environmentally responsible area of our industry.

We aim to become leaders in green installations and service provision.

Some of Never Touch’s services include:

  • Energy Audits by Certified EcoSmart Electricians
  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Cent-a-meter installations
  • Fluorescent Lighting Recycling
  • Installation of Energy Efficient LED and Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Never Touch Electrical believes in utilising all available technology to evolve the service it provides to meet any environmental requirements, such as BASIX. Never Touch sees the need to make its practices sustainable, minimise environmental impact and inspire change in the industry.


Since 2006 Never Touch Electrical has been heavily involved with earth hour. Never Touch is the driving force of the University of Sydney’s participation in earth hour. Never Touch has volunteered to “turn off” the Camperdown Campus for six consecutive years. In 2012 Never Touch hopes to increase the total of lights extinguished by 50%.