Specialist Services

Never Touch has spent the last 6 years training it’s team in the more difficult and challenging sides of the electrical industry.

Examples of this include:

  • Clipsal C-Bus/Dynalite installation and programming
  • Solar Panel Installations and Connections to Grid
  • Energy Auditing / Energy Solutions
  • External/Remote Energy Metering (Cent-a-Meter Installations)
  • Accessibility Alterations/Installations
  • Electrical Safety Inspections (e.g. when buying a new home)
  • Exit and Emergency Consulting
  • Renovation Design
  • Lighting and Electrical Layout Consulting

Never Touch employs the use of a remote electronic job and project management system that allows for the free flow of information from field staff to office staff and to the client. This provides an organisational tool, accurate pricing systems, and constant record of time spent on a project. The system is adaptable and updates to plans and schedules can be done on the field.


Never Touch is able to provide detailed electrical and lighting plans.