About Us

Never Touch Electrical – Your Safest Choice

What Makes Us Your Safest Choice?

Never Touch Electrical‘s reputation is built on

  • Providing outstanding and efficient service
  • Skilled technicians and knowledgeable staff
  • Convenience for our clients
  • Transparency and the free exchange of information
  • Utilising all available technology to evolve the service
  • Sustainable practices such as responsible waste management

We at Never Touch Electrical, while being experienced, consider ourselves to be in the “New Wave” of service provision, which is about providing the most cost effective practices with environmental ethics.


Never Touch Electrical as a company has stuck to its core values, as they have seen the company through 7 consecutive years of expansion and steady increases in revenue.

In the future Never Touch Electrical aims for:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Consistent Quality
  • Continued Excellence in Customer Service

As a company Never Touch has the facilities, the staff, the credentials and the commitment to carry out work from small to large scale.

We are your best option, your smartest decision, YOUR SAFEST CHOICE.

Our history at a glance (click below to see detail):


Never Touch Electrical Pty Ltd commenced trading in 2005 as a PTY LTD The principle focus is to provide clients with the highest quality of service whilst maintaining fair practices.

Oct 2005

October 2005 awarded maintenance contract with University of Sydney


Never Touch takes on it’s first employees 2 apprentices, 1 administration staff


Never Touch moves to it’s current location in Camperdown


Never Touch Electrical sponsors it’s first employee for residency


Never Touch Electrical develops systems, expands the team and streamlines it’s service provision to a smooth efficient process.


Never Touch Electrical employs the use of a remote electronic job and project management system that allows for the free flow of information from field staff to office staff and to the client. This provides an organisational tool, accurate pricing systems, and constant record of time spent on a project.